We’re back! Well, kind-of….did you miss us? It’s been an interesting few years since you’ve heard anything from RGF. We’ve gone from PA to CA, and 0 films to a feature film in what now seems like only days…but when I look back on the calendar…it’s been years. Back in 2012 we started an all-consuming new project – a psychological thriller called Shatter – Little did we know that this feature-length, no-budget film, would challenge us as indie film-makers in ways that seemed like they were straight out of a horror movie. Production lasted a full 2 year, and then some changes started to brew in the studio. Soon after, RGF went on a 2 year hiatus.

We put some time into editing, but it was a slow process…eventually everyone working on the film wound up buried alive and left for dead in Mexico…without even a T-shirt to show for it. Those of us that managed to crawl back across the border vowed to finish this film. Some stayed in San Diego – the rest went home, and a few of us…well we’re not really sure what happened to them. One thing was for certain though, we needed to finish this “epic” indie film. So the last crusade started and then the website crashed, more life happened and we still didn’t even get a T-shirt.

Now, we’ve managed to scrounge up a new website, dust off our YouTube channel, re-work our latest film, and pour a little petrol back into the engine that once burned with passion for indie horror – a genre that we feel is falling. So, we’re back – well, at least in zombie form, putting all our focus into launching this film that we’ve spent the last few years trying to perfect. In RGF terms, it’s the best work we’ve ever done and also the most intensive and we’re excited to kick it off and share it with you.