Little Black Things (2010)

Project Description

In an industrial wasteland of the near future, Marcus and Lynette strive to survive in a small, run-down apartment. Amidst major relationship problems, Lynette decides she’s ready to get out and move on, but comes down with a sudden illness. Now, she wants to hang around in hopes that Marcus will take care of her. But soon, strange worms begin emanating from little black marks on Lynette’s body and Marcus’s mental state begins to rapidly deteriorate. It’s only a matter of time before the worms begin finding their way around the apartment?and also on Marcus. But is he just as sick too?

Venture into the darkest subconscious regions of surrealist film-making in this bizarre story from Red Glass Films. Inspired by the work of David Lynch (if you don’t know him, you won’t get this film!), this is one cryptic journey into a world you’d never want to wake up in.