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What is real?
  • Synopsis

    A sleepy New England town is rocked by a series of heinous crimes, and it is up to Detective Matthews (Bob Strouse) to get to the bottom of how they are connected. His prime suspect David (Mercer Bristow) is an escaped patient from a nearby mental asylum, and is anything but cooperative. But as Matthews interrogates David, he soon realizes that the answers to his questions may have deeper roots than he could imagine. Fighting his past demons and his own police department, the race is on for Mathews to link these crimes and solve the mystery, before his world collapses. Will he discover they key to the truth or will everything he thinks he knows shatter right before his eyes?

  • Tech Specs

    • Run Time: N/A
    • Format: HDV
    • Staring: Bob Strouse, Mercer Bristow, Rod Egan
    • Produced By: David Wigfield
    • Directed By: Chris Schwartz
    • Written By: Donovan Schwartz and Chris Schwartz

  • Production Notes

    • Status: Post Production
    • Genre: Psychological Thriller
    • Funds: Secured
    • Release Type: Feature Film
    • Comments: We’re hard at work to bring you the next RGF feature!

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