About Us

  • Our Company

    Red Glass Films is a dynamic film production company. We have been producing films since 1999 and there’s no sign of stopping! In 2011 Red Glass Films released five projects, and we are gearing up for an even bigger 2012. Red Glass Films keeps close ties to our community in Pennsylvania and to the film community at large. There are multiple ways to support Red Glass Films including investment and work opportunities. Contact our office to learn more about how you can support Red Glass Films today!

  • Our Roots

    We’re a different kind of storyteller making films for a different kind of horror fan.

    At Red Glass Films we’re tired of predictable clichés and rehashed material high-jacking our movies. We embrace stories that challenge the mind and excite the heart. Our films show it to. They are cerebral, dark, and often abstract. In the end, we’re not just creating films; we’re creating experiences that stay with you long after the film ends.

    So if you are drawn to unique and mysterious stories; if you’re not afraid to be disturbed – then our films are made for you. If you’re looking for normal, then go watch wheel of fortune…

    Fear Wants You…

  • Our Films

    RGF began making short films in 1999. Short films were a passion, but with little to no monetary value. In order to grow, they self-funded their first feature, Containment, which was released in 2006. They began to develop and as the money trickled in, they were able to update their production equipment until the company reached the independent professional level in 2007.

Want to be a part of the action?

As a limited partner in RGF, we offer 60% of all profits until recoupment and then a 25% premium for the borrowed monies. Additionally, several royalty packages can be selected depending on each level of investment, which can also be donated or kept. To find out what projects are currently available, feel free to browse our project page and read about our upcoming endeavors. To learn more about the investment opportunity in any project, please contact us for a press package or more information.

Actor/Crew Portal

We understand how competitive the film industry can be, especially for actors starting out. If you’re building a versatile reel and an actor/actress, we’ve got a role you’ll want to showcase! Whether you are classically trained or just starting out, we want to hear from you! Just contact us and let us know.

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