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  • Our Stuff

    RGF has been making films since 1999, and we can’t believe that you just found us now! We’re just two horror fans with a passion for bizarre, psychological, horror, surreal and dark films. If we were a software company, people would consider us “open source” because you don’t have to be part of our inner circle to reach us. We fully support new, emerging talents because that’s what we are! We don’t work with big budgets – or any budgets for that matter – and we depend on you, our fans to keep us going, and hopefully you depend on our insanely twisted content that keeps you coming back.

    Want to learn more about us? Reach out! We love to hear from our fans!

  • Our Roots

    We’re real people – raw, unfiltered, and driven. We’re not motivated by money, but a mix of film-making itself and art. That’s why our films bend rules and genres. We create unique stories because nightmares aren’t meant to live in a safe space. Some are great and some are bad, but they’re all incredibly bizarre. We’re a different kind of storyteller making films for a different kind of horror fan.

    At Red Glass Films we’re tired of predictable clichés and rehashed material high-jacking our movies. We embrace stories that challenge the mind and excite the heart. Our films show it to. They are cerebral, dark, and often abstract. In the end, we’re not just creating films; we’re creating experiences that stay with you long after the film ends.

    So if you are drawn to unique and mysterious stories; if you’re not afraid to be disturbed or confused – then our films are made for you. If you’re looking for normal, then go watch wheel of fortune.

    Fear Wants You…

  • Our Films

    RGF began making short films in 1999. Short films were a passion, but with no monetary value, they self-funded their first feature, Containment, which was released in 2006. Since then, we’ve been trying to steadily upgrade the quality of our work, put out as much free content as possible, and produce a few feature films with the end goal to help people who are suffering. In 2015, the main driver behind RGF was exiled to California and after many set-backs and a few hiatuses, RGF returned in 2017 to promote their latest feature; SHATTER.

Actor/Crew Portal

Think you’ve got some talent, but need something different to put in your reel? We’re here to help! If you’re serious about acting, get connected! Tell us who you are and what you’d like to do, and if we get inspired, we’ll build a short film around your strengths, make you the lead and get it out there for everyone to see – just because that’s what we do. Whether you are classically trained or just starting out, we want to hear from you! Just send us a message and let us know.

Want to be a part of the action?

As a limited partner in RGF, we provide a suite of executive producer options with several royalty packages, depending on each level of investment. Royalties can be donated or kept. Regardless of your preferences – over 50% of RGF’s proceeds are still donated. That means you have the opportunity to make ALL of your money back, plus royalty proceeds, and still donate to a good cause. To find out what projects are currently available, feel free to browse our project page and read about our upcoming endeavors. To learn more about the investment opportunity in any project, please contact us for a press package or more information.

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