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Can horror films save lives?

Although it may seem bizarre, we had a crazy idea… “Let’s use horror films to save lives.” Our goal is to be able to donate over 50% of film proceeds to support research and care for terminal illnesses. I know it sounds far fetched, but that’s why we’re different. Besides, there is real horror in waiting to die from a disease with no cure and we think true horror should be for entertainment purposes only, so we’re stepping up to make it happen.

Meet Stefano

Our studio is haunted. It’s true. Stefano was a big-time, old-school horror film director before he passed away in a tragic accident. Now, he haunts RGF productions. During the day, Stefano can be found causing all kinds of production issues by hiding props and valuable equipment on set. You can also find him photo-bombing actors behind the scenes or in RGF image posts. Look closely and if you see him, comment “Hi Stefano!” – and maybe, just maybe he’ll pay you a visit in the form of an RGF poster.

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